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15 Bookish Facts about Me!

1. I have never read the Harry Potter series I don't really have any need to read these books, there are so many amazing books that there that I'd rather read instead, no offence, but it's not just my cup of tea.

2. I watched The Hunger Games movie before I read the books. The story behind this is that I was just channel surfing on TV and The Hunger Games was on and I started watching it and got to around where Clove and Katniss meet near the end of the book, and then I had plans to go out, so I didn't get to see what happened, so I read the books, which I absolutely loved and introduced me to YA.

3. YA is all I'll read Right now, I have no need to read any other genres, I don't read middle grade and just do not like the writing for adult fiction, so YA my happy place.

4. The first John Green book I read was Turtles All The Way Down Last year, I decided to read as many books as I could and Turtles was a book available at my library and it seemed interesting, so I …