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Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart Review

Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart ★★
Grace and Fury is about two sisters, Serina who has been prepped her whole live to be a Grace, for the Heir (basically the king's son) and Nomi, her sister and handmaiden who has stood by and helped Serina get ready for her role. Nomi is supposed to be the rebel of the two, having learned to read and write, which is forbidden in this world. Serina is chosen as a Grace and must compete against ten other girls to be one of the final three Graces. Nomi ends up catching the Heir's eye instead and Nomi is chosen as one of the final three Grace instead. We also find out that Nomi stole a book from the Heir's library, the book is still in the Serina's room where Nomi had hidden it, Serina finds the book and is caught reading, even though she was just repeating stories Nomi used to tell her from the book. Serina is sent to Mount Ruin, which she finds out there are daily fights to the death against other girls and women. 
Such high expectation…