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Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian Review

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian ★★★★
Theodosia was 6 when her country was invaded and her mother, was murdered before her eyes. Theo was crowned Ash Princess, a title given to hear to bear her shame. Theodosia has now been a prisoner in her own palace for 10 year. She's endured abuse and ridicule of the Kaiser. Theo finally hits her breaking point when the Kaiser forces Theo to kill her father, and Theo knows she needs to stand up. Theo finds an a childhood friend who is willing to take her away from the palace, but she knows she must fight for her people and their freedom. Theo comes up a plan to turn the Kaiser's son against him, creating a rift between the father and son. For years the Ash Princess has seen her land pillaged and her people enslaved, that all ends here.
This book was a really interesting reading a new take on royal fiction, of course in every book there are going to be things you did and didn't like.

Soren was a strange character, I felt like he kept swit…