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Dry by Neal and Jarrod Shusterman Review

Dry by Neal and Jarrod Shusterman ★★
This was one of my most anticipated reads for October, and I just don't know I felt about it!! I felt like as a 'thriller', this was an interesting book. 

The kid gang that happened in this book felt like every dystopian book ever, which I find kind of irked me. This book was following all the other tropes in most books I've seen.

One thing I didn't expect in this book was the amount of death and fear of characters dying in this book. It was sad to see Kelton's brother being shot by his father, and then for us to find out that he'd been staying in the bug out using up all the emergency supplies was sad too, his brother hated living at home so much that he lived in a bug out and never told his family about it or how he need help.
I know a lot of people might not feel the same way, but when Alyssa and her brother found their dog,  Kingston, and he had gotten in with another feral dog pack and he wasn't acting right, it jus…