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Wildcard by Marie Lu Review

Wildcard by Marie Lu ★★★ This book was one of my most anticipated reads for the second half of 2018,  and it had a slow start for about the first 150 pages, but after that everything picked up. I enjoyed the second half, with was filled with plot twists, action and Emika with Hideo.
The plot twists in this book were written extremely well and Marie Lu did an amazing job of not letting you anywhere was going to happen next until it already has.
I have to admit, I had forgotten some of the characters names and who they were, which made the book confusing with the Phoenix Riders and the new people we were introduced to. When were introduced to everyone in the Blackcoats, it was a lot too take in, a little bit too much. It would've made more sense reading this book immediately after reading Warcross, and would've kept me more interested in the story.
Sasuke and the flashbacks were a crucial part to actually having feelings for this character we just met. I thought the flashbacks were h…