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DNF'ing Books!

DNF'ing: When It's Time to DNF I'm definitely someone who has a hard time DNF'ing books. I feel like once I start a book, I have to finish it, but I when I go to write my review and I rate the book two or one star, I ask myself why I read the book in the first place. This year, I finally decided to start DNF'ing books and even ARCs that I'm not enjoying, and it is just so freeing! So far this year, I've have not rated a single book one star, the lowest have been two stars, but I only read them because I was enjoying the story or I didn't like the writing. So now that I know the freedom of DNF'ing books, I want to tell other bookworms about DNF'ing.

At what page should I stop reading? You can stop reading the book at any point! Not every book you pick up is going to be a five or four star read. Most people go around 100 pages before DNF'ing, but I feel like I'm committed at that point, so I usually go around 30 or 50 pages before I stop re…