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Legendary by Stephanie Garber Review

Legendary by Stephanie Garber
Stephanie Garber's first book Caraval, had a whimsical and fun feel to it, but it seemed that the sequel was lacking that whimsical touch. 
This book is told by Tella, sister to the main character in Caraval, Scarlett. We pick immediately after the first book with Tella owning her 'friend' for information he gave her on her mother. I did not find the whole mother lost in the card story-line really grabbing my attention. Then we have Dante, who is Tella's (almost) boyfriend who wasn't very memorable from the first book, as I'd forgotten him.
Tella receives another letter from her 'friend' telling her payment for the information he came give is due and he now wants Legend's true name, which she will know if she wins Caraval, the first person after she wins, will be Legend, also sending her two tickets to Caraval and tells her he will meet her on the first night of Caraval. Tella cannot get into Caraval, for some reason he…