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Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich Review

Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich ★★ “I do stupid things when I'm nervous, which means I'm constantly doing stupid things.” 
Before reading this, I had previously knew the story, hence the musical and listening to the soundtrack, when I really liked, that all being said...I had no idea there was going to be so much in this book that made me uncomfortable.
While reading, I realized I had to separate this book and the musical, because this book was turning something I adored, into something that made me cringe. It seems like you shouldn't mess with something an enormous amount of people love and try to adapt it into a book or the other way around into a movie, sometimes it works, and in this case, it didn't. 
I cannot stand when a character continuously lies to people, especially when it's a huge lie that could tear someone's heart out.
Anxiety is something that doesn't just disappear like the author said it did as soon as Evan started to hang out with Zoe, yes it…