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Children of Blood and Bone By Tomi Adeyemi Review

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
"They don't hate you, my child. They hate what you were meant to become."
Children of Blood and Bone is set in a world without magic, with the king destroying magic and killing people would could use magic and even their children. Zelie ends up helping the king's daughter Amari out of the village with a scroll that could be used to bring magic back. 
Let me say, it's extremely hard to write a fantasy book with such a detailed world and plot, but Adeyemi did it perfectly. I finished this 525 page book in less then 24 hours, which shows how invested I was in this story.

The characters had personalities and most of all, reasons for their actions! At first, I hated the multiple perspectives, as soon as I knew who was who and why we had their POV, I ended up enjoying them all. 
I loved the relationship that was starting to develop between Tzain and Amari. I feel like that's how the author should've done the other r…