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The Caged Queen by Kristen Ciccarelli Review

The Caged Queen by Kristen Ciccarelli
★★★★ I had to take a few days to just let this amazing book sink in before I reviewed it.

I recently read The Last Namsara and quite enjoyed it! I was thrilled to see there was going to be a sequel, The Caged Queen which I found out while reading, it's a companion to The Last Namsara, which means you can read the books in whatever order you'd like.

This story is about about Roa, Asha's brother's wife. I'd realized as soon as I started the book that I didn't remember a lot about the last book, which didn't matter.

The fact that Roa had to plunge a knife into her 'sister' almost made me cry, and I was overjoyed Roa didn't end up helping Rebekah.

Essie was a character who I didn't even know, and somehow I managed to love and adore her. She was everything Roa used to be before she lost Essie. The idea of Roa still being able to talk to her sister and have her advice was an amazing idea and I liked it every time sh…